Some Kind Words from the Parents

Speech made by an Elementary student at the 2014 Graduation:

"Respected Teachers, Parents and Dear Friends, I am Veda Kotha a 2nd Grade student. Today I would like to share my experiences in this special place for the past 6 years.

My parents moved to California and enrolled me in this scholl when I was 8 months old. Mom and Dad always tell that as an infant I never cried when they dropped me at school. That stands as a proff of my love towards this place.

I was first put in the infant's class with Ms Geeta and Ms. Betty. I love both of them as they are very affectionate and kind to little kids.

I moved to the toddler class with Ms Shelby when I was 18 months. . She taught me the basics of everythingright from counting numbers, alphabets, rhymes and even important manners to follow in a day to day life. Ms. Shelby and Ms. Sumitra always have a smile on their faces and never get angry at us. My little sister, Shloka is in the toddler class now and she comes home and calls my mom Shelby or Mitra. They treat us as if we are their own children and are there for us to shower all the love.

When I turned 3 years old, I was moved into Ms Preethimali's class. That's one of my favorite classes where I enjoyed 2 years of my time with teachers and friends. I started understanding things happening around me and would always look forward to going to school.

I moved to the kindergarten when I turned 5 and started loving my class and teachers the most. Ms. Ajantha is a role movel to all kids in the class. She is very hardworking, honest and taught us how to be good with everyone. She is an example to all of us. She takes care of everything right from our studies to health. If my mom sees that my lunch box is enpty, then she knows that I was fed my Ms. Ajantha that day. Such is her care and affection towards her students. Ms. Manisha and Ms. Arathi are equally caring and loving and is always there to keep an eye on us.

Last year I got double promotion to enter into the second grade and skipped my first grade. Ms. Ajantha was very confident and convinced my parents to join me in the second grade. I scored well on the Stanford test.

I sincerely thank her for helping me understand so many concepts. I will definitely miss my school, my friends and my loving teachers but I can proudly say that Ms. Ajantha has prepared us to face the future.

I miss Ms. Mali, Ms. Britney and Ms. Indra.

I would also like to thank all my after school teachers for their care and affection and for letting us play. Last but not least I thank Ms. Jeeth and Mr. Kavinder from the bottom of my heart. Without them this place can't be this wonderful. We love you all so much.

Today I can proudly say that our school is a combination of best schools. We have best teachers, syllabus and other activities. I will miss you all when I leave this school but a part of this school will be with me forever. We will always remember, love and respect you. I would like to leave this place with a promise. I promise that I will make my teachers and this school proud by excelling in whatever I do. "


Sent June 13, 2014

Dear Ms. Jeeth,

I am writing to give you notice that Sonal will be leaving the Lake Forest Montessori School. Her last day will be June 30, 2014. Can you please confirm the arrangements for settling up final invoices?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care and attention Sonal has received over the last three years.

Dear Ms Preethimali, You welcomed me with a friendly smile when I was 3, you took my hands and made sure I was never blue, you let me know that you would answer if I should need to call, you reassured me, encouraged me, watched that I didn't fall. You saw me grow in confidence and joined in with my play. You talked to me about my world and heard what I had to say, you helped me build friendships, take turns and learn to share, you showed me the importance of trying to be fair. you laughed with me and shared my joy and joined me in a smile, you comforted and listened if I was sad for a while. You taught me how to color, write, and read and many of life's lessons amongst the paint and dough, you are my first teacher and I do thank you so!! I will miss you soooo very much.

Love and cuddles,


Dear Ms. Ajantha and Ms. Manisha,

There are no words, no amount of money, or no gifts that could possibly express our gratitude to you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend to Sonal. You have shaped her into such a confident little girl and every child who is fortunate to have you as a teacher will, like Sonal undoubtably form an undying love for school and will becomne a citizen of the world who we can all be proud of! Thank you very much for the brilliant support, excellent teaching and the lovely atmosphere in your class. Sonal loves to come every morning to see you all. Sonal will dearly miss you and you'll always have a special place in her and our heart!! Many, many, many THANKS

Last but not least,
We know and believe that this is the best school for any child to start his/her educational years, we are really grateful to what Sonal has achieved. Thank you for a great start!


Shivani and Kewal G.


Sent June 7, 2013

"Dear Ms. Jeeth and Mr. Cavinda,

Please accept our sincere appreciation for taking care of both of our kids (Abineyan and Anubala). You and your teachers helped us to guide them in a better path by developing good attitudes and academic skills from Baby Room to Kindergarten. We are proud of our decision to select your school for our kids’ care. Our whole family appreciates the nice experience we had with Lake Forest Montessori.

Both Ms. Geetha and Ms. Betty performed an excellent job of taking care of Abi and Anu in the baby room (Specially Anu with the long feeding time). When we look at Anu now, we cannot even recall that she was a premature baby or how small she was when she was born.

Anu was so attached to Ms. Shelby in the toddler room that she did not want to move to the next class. Whenever we initiate the talk about moving up to the other class she would be shutting us down with the questions like why can’t I stay with Ms.Shelby? or is Ms. Shelby coming with me?

Ms. Prethimali molded Anu and trained her with a lot of good habits. We were amazed to see the changes in Anu’s habits both behavior and academic. Even though she is in Kindergarten class, she still remebers certain things and always refer to how Ms.Prethimali showed it . It is a nice lesson for us that we need to lead the kids by example.

Ms. Ajantha and her team of teachers (Ms. Arathy and Ms. Manisha for Anu) helped both Abi and Anu with wonderful academic skills. Abi will be going to fifth grade and in Gate class. We never had any trouble with the home work or work habits, as he had a very good training from Ajantha. Anu actually got double training, as Abi will be reminding her at home how Ms. Ajantha wants the work to be done.

Sometimes I feel jealous of the trust or bond Anu has with the Teachers.

Thank you so much for making my life easy. As I full time working mom, I was able to focus on my work, not to worry too much about the kids’ care, as I knew that they were in good hands.
Thanks for a lot for creating such a wonderful environment almost like a second home for our kids.

Above all we thank you for helping us molding them to be very kind and understanding human beings.



" To Whom it May Concern:

My daughter has attended Lake Forest Montessori School for over a year. I am a first time mom and looked into several facilities before choosing Lake Forest Montessori School. I was immediately impressed with the personal touch of the director, jeeth and now that we have been attending the school, the teachers are just as wonderful. The infant room set up is clean and fun for the kids but user friendly for the parents. The teachers spend time with each fhild and have helped in the daily development of my daughter. I like that she receives one on one attention but yet there are group play times with the other children. They have also helped me as a mom as to when I should start bringing in new types of foods and switching from a bottle, etc..., but most of all they have helped set a daily schedule for her.

The school supplies a quarterly hand out of all the activities for all the classrooms and they ensure to always put any notices on the door for any current events of holiday schedule reminders. I feel that the school is highly organized and efficient.

I think the best part of the Lake Forest Montessori School is that I know that my daughter is happy here. She is excited in the morning to go to school and wants to go immediately from my arms to her favorite teacher, Ms. Geetha for her morning hug!


Becky E."


"Just a Small token of appreciation.

I wanted to let you all know that the parents of the children you teach and care for on a daily basis really appreciate all that you do!

Thank You So Much! We Will Miss you!!!

Donna S."


" Dear Ms. Shelby & Ms. Ashley,

Just Wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work and want to thank you both for all the good things you have taught our little one. Alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, animals/their sounds, she knows it all at just the age of 2, way ahead of so many other kids her age that we know. This itself shows all the efforts you both put in during the day, and I just wanted to take the time to say a BIG THANK YOU 'coz handling a bunch of toddlers in their 'trouble twos' is not an easy effort. Thank You

Parents of A-----"


"Dear Lake Forest Montessori,

We want to thank you very much for the excellent care Ian enjoyed at your day care over the last three years. We are extremely happy with the quality of teaching and nurturing and we know this has helped shape the wonderful boy Ian has become. We Will Miss you!"


"Our Children demonstrated an extraordinary improvement in terms of educational development and maturity and adapted very well to your environment. We will always be thankful for your support and accomodations during these difficult economic times.


Raul & Carolina P."


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A BIG THANK YOU! to all the Parents for your continued Support of Our School!